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Author: Aitor
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Help needed:[Fwd: eudev: Methods to detect if running in a container.]
Hi again,

On 21/2/20 12:18, aitor wrote:
> Hi,
> En 19 de febrero de 2020 20:36:31 aitor <aitor_czr@???> escribió:
>> Sorry, but i haven't any computer to hand so far :(
> My system can't start X sessions due to the full /home partition (not
> enough space in my /dev/sda5) and the virtual ttys don't work. Gparted
> cannot mount the partition, and clonezilla coudn't check it due to the
> existen git metadata, i guess. I found a solution in debian-installer,
> keeping tha data of my /home, which allow me to run ash commands
> within the target. I still didn't with test-disk tool.
> This weekend i will work on the issue concerning to this thead, Svante :)
> Cheers,
> Aitor.

I shall rectify some points. In summary:

- I couldn't start a Xsession due to the busy space, and the virtual
terminals didn't work.

- Thunar couldn't mount the /home partition during a live session.

- Gparted couldn't resize the partition after reducing the size of the
swap memory, suggesting at the same time to update the version of e2fsck.

- Clonezilla couldn't check /dev/sda5 due to unsupported features:
metadata_csum (i must say that i used a very old version of clonezilla).

- After the restoring the system with debian-installer (keeping the data
of the /home partition, but using it as ext4 and mounting it as /home,
of course,

it's possible to enter into the target and then you can remove whatever
you want.

I already have my computer working again. There is no getting around the
fact that d-i is awesome :)
I wonder whether test-disk would have worked.