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Author: Evilham
To: devuan-dev
Subject: [devuan-dev] Heads-up: website changes upcoming
TL;DR: we will be working on a re-do of the website in
https://getlektor.com with better structured content and less
fluff, more updates will follow on this thread.

So, I just talked with golinux about the website and, to anyone
who has had anything to do with the website's inner workings, it
comes as no surprise that it gets in the way.

We discussed how to simplify things and get rid of unnecessary /
over-the-top content.

Requirements were:
- Static generation
- Simple editing
- Simple first-time-use

Middleman fails utterly at the last one (check the build
instructions in the README) and the way it's set up, it also fails
utterly at the second one, since being confident about changes
requires actually building the site.

Lektor is a powerful, yet simple-to-use static website generator.
It's packaged in Debian, therefore in Devuan, so building the
website is simple (--> more options of contributions).
It has a clicky click page editor, so simple text changes and
previewing modifications of the website will be simple; also for
not too technical users.

I will take care of not breaking URLs and all that, but we'll be
using the chance to restructure contents in a way that makes sense
(currently, it's quite sincerely a PITA to find something on the
We'll also get rid of some things.

When it's ready and, before it goes live, we'll tell you here/at a
meeting and you'll have a chance to review it and we'll probably
put it up on the beta URL.