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Author: Plasma
To: devuan-dev
Subject: [devuan-dev] Notes - Devuan meet Jan. 30, 2020
And now for your kind attention, the devuan-dev meet notes for
Thursday, January 30th, 2020.



# Devuan meet Jan. 30, 2020 @20:30 UTC

Pad is here:

Meet here: https://vdc.dyne.org/devuan
   * Please post notes prior to the meet.
   * Please add your name as 'Present' below when you get to the
   * When adding a comment in someone else's notes, please
     pre-pend your name like this: (whoever) whatever . . .

Present: golinux, LeePen, rrq, fsmithred, plasma41, Evilham

## Old Business

### rrq
- still making isos

## Old Actions
- bugs and pkginfo sites theming completed

## New Business
- (gl) Heard from chillfan. YEA! He hopes to be fully around in a week
or two, early in Feb. He has already contacted contributors to his doc
wiki regarding the new location in git and needed changes for beowulf.

- Issue with dnscrypt-proxy:
FIXED!!! Thanks LeePen
- (LeePen) [#384:](https://bugs.devuan.org/cgi/bugreport.cgi?bug=384/)
  Resolved and new version built and in unstable.
  - (fsr) Please move the new version to beowulf.
    - (LeePen) Done.

### kramer
- can't attend due to nightshift
- still working at ARM

### LeePen

#### bugs.d.o
- Reassigned bugs to their proper packages.
- Added new pseudopackages for mirrors.
- Need a maintainer for arm-sdk bugs. kramer? tuxd3v?
- Possibly some outgoing mails to devuan-dev are getting lost in Dyne.
Jaromil, could you check, please?
- When closing bugs, please include 'Version: {version number}' at the
top of the NNN-close email body. Then debbugs automatically keeps
track of fixed versions.
- Still lots of open bugs to review. Many are already fixed and can
be closed.
- Considering adding automatic bug closing to jenkins -> dak import

#### Reportbug
- Have fixes for all outstanding bugs. Waiting to push and build.
- Realised it would be possible to target bug reports directly to debian
  for unforked packages
  (see [#381](https://bugs.devuan.org/cgi/bugreport.cgi?bug=384)).
  - Discussed on #devuan-dev. 
  - Asked DPL. He was not against, but said contact
    owner@??? and/or debian-devel list.
  - Would require 'Origin: Devuan' to be added to d/control in all
    forked packages when/as we next rebuild them.

#### Backups: sucker rssh replacement
- Written an rsync wrapper script to replace rssh for sucker backups on
new hosts.
- rrq has reviewed. I am happy to share it directly with anybody else
who would like to review it.
Evilham has reviewed too, minor comments.
- Setup and working on doc.
- Will add to the remaining new hosts in the next few days.

### fsmithred
- I need advice on git etiquette regarding a forked package.
(e.g. merge requests, versioning)
- desktop-live pre-beta test isos are hidden here:

## New Actions
- reorder the pkg source options in the installer? (rrq)
- someone to maintain arm-sdk
- Freeze is here!!
- Pad listing pkgs for possible inclusion in backports