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Author: Aitor
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] my first two packages
Hi again,

On 18/1/20 20:16, viverna wrote:
> il devuanizzato Aitor <aitor_czr@???> il 18-01-20 11:48:58 ha
> scritto:
>> My short answer for now:
>> - Use lowercase letters for the debian folder. A DEBIAN folder with
>> uppercase letters will be created within each generated packages.
> "DEBIAN" uppercase is required from `dpkg-deb -b`: " Creates a debian
> archive from the filesystem tree stored in binary-directory.
> binary-directory must have a DEBIAN subdirectory, which contains the
> control information files such as the control file itself."
> I don't create package with Debian normal method documented, I don't
> understand how make good package.
>> - Create a debian/rules file. This file is paramount, but it's missing!
> I insert rules file. I will commit soon.
>> Hope this helps,
>> Aitor.
> Thanks Aitor.

Here you are my first packaging attempt:


Download the sources and follow the steps bellow:

- Create your own gpg signature key.

- Create a folder named epoch and go into it.

- Generate an empty git repository and import the project using

    $ git init
    $ git config --global user.name "viverna"
    $ git config --global user.email "viverna@???"
    $ gpg import-orig ../epoch_1.3.0.tar.bz2

    Enter the name of the project and its version.

- Now yo can build the project:

    $ git-buildpackage -j4 -tc -kXXXXXXXX
--git-export-dir="../build-area" --git-tag --git-ignore-branch

being XXXXXXXX the public part of your gpg key.

Once you've built it, you can import the whole project using
git-builtpackage again via:

$ gbp import-dsc ../epoch_1.3.0.dsc

As an exercise, you can include all the defined conditionals in the
buildepoch.sh script (I *removed* this file!) in the Makefile by the
following way:

ifeq (....)


You could fuse both projects in an unique source defining two separate
packages in the control file, but they have different version numbers.
Keep it in mind.



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