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Author: Merlijn Wajer
To: maemo-leste
CC: Tony Lindgren, Ivaylo Dimitrov, Arthur D.
Subject: [maemo-leste] Instructions to try OpenGLES test applications with PowerVR on the Droid 4

This assumes you use the 20200112 image for the Droid 4.

This does not warrant a blog post at the moment, but here is a very
quick guide to getting the droid4 powervr code working, at least to draw
triangles. hildon-desktop doesn't work, so unless you have a SERIAL
ADAPTER and KNOW what you're doing, you might not want to try this, but
here it is:


Once a few more people try it, and maybe even get hildon-desktop to
work, I'll turn this into a wiki article or blog post. I did include a
script to run our hildon-desktop. It doesn't work yet, but it will
start. The clutter 0.8 version of hildon-desktop should at least render
(in 'n900' component of our repos), but it's not updated for capacitive
touch events and also doesn't use the whole screen.