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Author: Aitor
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] my first two packages
Hi Viverna,

On 17/1/20 23:05, viverna wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I tried in my computers a epoch init system homemade package.
> I have no experience as packager and I don't like bureaucratic style
> for to make a Debian package or maybe I didn't understand it
> completely... :-)
> However I make my first, and maybe last :-) two package: epoch (base
> program) and epoch-data (config files).
> Grab it on:
> https://git.devuan.org/viverna/experimental-epoch
> https://git.devuan.org/viverna/experimental-epoch-data
> "make dist" make package "homemade" for arch amd64.
> Why Epoch?
> I like init scripts (for example runit) but epoch + daemon
> configuration file are the simplest infrastructure I know.
> epoch (program) is a package dependent on epoch-data (config file).
> Installing epoch, all config files are copied for all daemon installed
> and if grub is present epoch is added as entry in grub menu. Deleting
> epoch remove all scripts and entry in grub menu if grub is present.
> This solution is generic and could be applied for other init system.
> Init program (base program) and init-data (scripts init/config files).
> ifj in the devuan infrastructure to inject in all package init freedom
> (add conf file and init script in all daemon).
> With collaboration with ifj that disseminates in all packages init
> scripts or configuration files it could be guaranteed Init Freedom.
> There is no need of forking all daemon.
> Create 2 packages (init and init-data) for 1 init system.
> Create config file/init script for all daemon.
> Injected with ifj automatically.
> But there are problems:
> - I have little time to devote to this project.
> - Write code is ok for me but I am a very poor packager. I don't
>  understand how make good packages.
> - I need help for write config file/init script for all daemon.
> - I (fairly) know only epoch and runit, other init just for the name.
> - Warning! Use it at your own risk! These packages are very very very
>  experimental!
> However this could be a first start.

My short answer for now:

- Use lowercase letters for the debian folder. A DEBIAN folder with
uppercase letters will be created within each generated packages.

- Create a debian/rules file. This file is paramount, but it's missing!

Hope this helps,