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Author: Mark Hindley
To: devuan-dev
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Packaging for Beowulf: current versions
Happy Christmas!

We are just about there with beowulf packaging. The only packages with Devuan
versions less than Debian are:

 Package          Beowulf         Buster

 cgmanager            0.36-2+devuan1     0.41-2
 debian-installer     20190625+devuan7   20190702+deb10u2
 distro-info-data     0.39+devuan1.1     0.41+deb10u1
 init-system-helpers  1.56+devuan1       1.56+nmu1
 jenkins-debian-glue  0.20.0
 live-build           4.0.3-1+devuan2    1:20190311
 pcsc-lite            1.8.13-1+vua1      1.8.24-1

Of these

- I have a new versions of jenkins-debian-glue and pcsc-lite in hand.
- cgmanager is pretty much obsolete (orphaned in Debian and git URL is no
longer available).
- The Devuan patches to live-build don't apply to the current Debian
- version. This package really needs somebody who actually uses it to update it.