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Author: Plasma
To: devuan-dev
Subject: [devuan-dev] Notes - Devuan meet Dec. 12, 2019
And now for your kind attention, the devuan-dev meet notes for
Thursday, December 12th, 2019.



# Devuan meet Dec. 12, 2019 @20:30 UTC

Pad is here:

Meet here: https://vdc.dyne.org/devuan
   * Please post notes prior to the meet.
   * Please add your name as 'Present' below when you get to the
   * When adding a comment in someone else's notes, please
     pre-pend your name like this: (whoever) whatever . . .

Present: LeePen, rrq, golinux, fsmithred, plasma41, Centurion_Dan

## Old Business

### rrq
- still somewhat hopeful about taker(s) for udptap testing.

- soft applaud for LeePen's and Evilham's effort to transition
dak & dependents (i.e., the package building pipeline)

  - (LeePen) Apologies that it wasn't smoother and more transparent.
    Thanks to Evilham for helping sort it out.

## Old Actions

## New Business

### fsr
- If package version 10.2.9 exists, can the next version be 10.2.10?
(rrq) isn't that how version numbering works?
(fsr) Don't know. I've never gone past .9
- xfce4-session Recommends light-locker, which Depends on lightdm.
(slim gets pulled in with task-xfce-desktop. We need to set the
default to slim.)

  - (LeePen) Do you mean task-xfce4-desktop here?
    What screen locker do we want as default with xfce4 and slim?
    There might be xfce4-screensaver for chimaera. But for beowulf:
    xscreensaver, i3lock, nothing?

### golinux
- looking ahead to chimaera theming:
  https://dev1galaxy.org/files/032430+153944.png <<< This one ... so far
- freemedia2018 proposes a 5th Freedom - discussion
- several reports that the onion address is broken
  - LeePen and Evilham found the onion server OOM killed. Restarted and
    seems to be OK now
- snaplock victim

### kramer
- can't attend, company event

## New Actions

### infrastructure tasks
- (rrq) someone to review and document the backup sub system
- (rrq) someone to move "popcon", "bugs" and/or "web" to Devuan's
- (rrq) someone to review/improve pkginfo

### rrq
- back onto beowulf installation iso building, with associated
"upgrades" of forked udebs; probably into the new year.

### fsr
- beowulf live isos are coming along. (both Devuan and Refracta)
- fixing some minor bugs in installer and snapshot.

### LeePen
- Updated eudev in ascii-proposed to fix lsb header typo

#### Build Pipeline
- build005 needs a manual configuration change removing from
- working on more useful build labels in jenkins (with suite and

#### Working through packaging list for beowulf
- Is  ppc64el a Devuan release architecture? If so, missing binaries
  will need building.
  - (Centurion_Dan) It should be. It is in Debian and we have a
    buildhost so we should release it. What packages are behind/missing?
- Done and in beowulf (please test): procps
- Done and in unstable (please test): tasksel
- In progress: eudev (gnu_srs1), rsyslog, debian-installer
  and related (rrq).
- Shouldn't be in beowulf at all.
  * firejail (doesn't have Devuan version or specific patches AFAICS)
- Packages that I think could have their forked version removed and
  revert to Debian packaging:
  * upower (Debian package no longer depends on systemd)
- Packages not in Debian and not updated since jessie
  (obsolete? remove?):
  * fusepy
  * loginkit
- For anybody able to help with this my current workflow is
  1. Review and merge the Buster version
  2. Target unstable
  3. Test build
  4. Build for unstable
  5. Test
  6. If dependencies allow, move to beowulf in dak, if not, rebuild for
     beowulf with ~beowulf1 appended to the version.