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Author: g4sra
To: devuan-dev
Subject: [devuan-dev] Ascii expert install

Upgraded (overwrote) Fedora 29 to Ascii (net install) using the expert install text console.

I am greatly impressed with the installer, so much so, that I feel compelled to provide
the following feedback. 1,2, & 3 of the below were finally resolved by opening a shell from
the installer and manually setting up the /target and performing chroot /target /bin/bash.

After installation (as boot failed) the repair option was used revealing the following
which presumably some may also apply during the install stage.

Issue 1
Automatic naming of a Luks partition (as "sda2_crypt") during mounting caused issues
within the chroot and prevented repair. It is imperative that the name assigned in
/dev/mapper matches the configuration files within the rootfs (to avoid having to manually
fudge with symbolic links). This name could be easily prompted for at the time of selecting
the rootfs to automatically mount if a Luks or PV chosen.

Issue 2
Prior to chrooting Ascii installer mounted the rootfs, proc, devtmpfs, etc in /target
but did not mount devpts. Easy to fix from the command line but it was not immediately
obvious what the issue was. It may also be worth considering to mount tmpfs on /target/tmp.

Issue 3
The chroot did not invoke /bin/bash, the shell used (/bin/sh ?) did not fully support all
system utility scripts which caused various issues.

Issue 4
Non-standard configuration parameters are required in the /etc/crypttab to successfully create
a bootable initrd using update-initramfs or mkinitramfs. I only found out by reading through
the scripts, not sure how this should be best handled (are these parameters dropped in Beowulf ?).

Outstanding installation utility, one of the best out of the many I have used over the years.