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Author: freemedia
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] fifth freedom
>  Let me just kindly ask you to restrict the habit of numbering
things starting from 0 to programming in C (and derived languages). In
these languages it is a trick to map array indexes to address
arithmetic; out of this scope it makes no sense.

the scope it makes sense in is that the first four were already numbered 0 to 3 before i had any say in them. the fifth, if numbered consecutively, will have to be freedom 4. if i number it freedom 5, and put it up to the rest of the list, people will say "what happened to freedom 4?" i dont think thats better.

likewise, if i take the great liberty of renumbering all the freedoms, when people hear of "freedom 0" they will ask whatever happened to freedom 0? i thing the best course of action by far is to follow the numbering convention already in place and retain compatibility.