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Author: Dimitris
To: devuan-mirrors
Subject: Re: [devuan-mirrors] [devuan-dev] Introducing apt-panopticon, my Devuan mirror checker script.
On 11/14/19 5:27 AM, onefang wrote:
> The full list of Devuan package mirrors is available at the URL:
> https://pkgmaster.devuan.org/mirror_list.txt
> Please contact "mirrors@???" if any of the information
> in the file above needs to be amended.
> The full results of the mirror checking is available at the URL:
> https://sledjhamr.org/apt-panopticon/results/Report-web.html


some changes for mirror_list.txt to mirrors@??? :

for our mirror :

FQDN: mirror.stinpriza.org
BaseURL: mirror.stinpriza.org/devuan/
Bandwidth: 100Mbit/s
Rate: 2h
Country: DE
Protocols: HTTPS
Active: yes

HTTP is also working, so it should be added in protocols.. your report
on sledhjamr.org is correct, but mirror_list.txt needs updating..


the mirror below, (even though offline for ~2 weeks) was only working on
HTTP, not HTTPS.. maybe it doesn't matter anymore (?)..

FQDN: mirror.devuan.de
BaseURL: mirror.devuan.de
Bandwidth: 500Mbps
Rate: 3h
Country: DE
Protocols: HTTP | HTTPS
Active: offline since November 2019