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Author: Irrwahn
To: devuan-dev
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Introducing apt-panopticon, my Devuan mirror checker script.
onefang wrote on 05.11.19 16:51:

Hi onefang,

thanks once more for the efforts you put into this!
However, this one:

> devuan.packet-gain.de....>       http: [OK] https: [FAILED] (34 errors) DNS-RR: [skip] Updated:[...]
> ==== faulty mirrors: ====

> devuan.packet-gain.de (https)

... looks like a false negative (or positive, depending on your POV).

It's reachable just fine using HTTPS, and the cert was successfully
renewed on 2019-10-10. The only downtime this particular machine
experienced during the past three months was for approx. 1 minute
last Saturday due to a scheduled reboot.

To be clear: I am not particular about our mirror listed as partially
faulty, but rather suspicious this could point towards some glitch
hiding in your testing logic.

Have a good night's rest, and keep up the excellent work! :-)

Best regards,

Sapere aude!