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Author: grarpamp
To: System undo crew
Subject: Re: [unSYSTEM] AnarVolunLiber: Roads, Charity, Thieves, Belief
On 10/17/19, The New Meta <metatrongone@???> wrote:
> Where do you think technology fits into this? If at all.

Question unclear, can you detail clarify?

> I didn’t see
> anything there that involved free and open technologies like the basic
> computer.

Computers are tools.
Of course ones made as #OpenHW in #OpenFabs running #OpenSW
would be better to have.
Go start an #OpenFab .

Or a farm with no tech, far away from tech cities.

>> Roads

Rather than car "registration", fuel, and other tax theft for roads,
"license" plates, driver "licenses", ID, and cops collecting,
RFID cameras tollbooths credit carded go-passes and other
database spy tracking privacy invading anti-freedom to travel crap...

Just put QR codes on roadside billboards, by potholes, etc...

People will smash that fucking anon cryptocurrency
donation button when road quality starts to piss them
all off.

>> Charity

Charities already capable of amazing local activism
participation and coverage. You already see buskers
bums and more with QR codes set up. Remember
all the Bitcoin charities giving away food.