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Author: grarpamp
To: System undo crew
Subject: Re: [unSYSTEM] Crypto Secession, Strife, Change: One's Terrist, Another's Principled Freedom Fighter
On 10/2/19, Otto Meier <ottomeier95@???> wrote:
> sure, it will happen

Maybe, maybe not, it is as yet unknown if
resistance will be futile, or if any other conclusion
has yet been forgone against trying.

> but do you suggest to live in fear now ?!

No, never. Smart, perhaps that is wise. But fear, no.

Voluntaryists, Libertarians, Anarchists, CryptoCoiners [1],
people seeking freedom under NAP, etc... the whole lot...
should really seek each other out worldwide and likely
put some serious levels of effort into forming some type
of internal consensus and a marketable platform [1],
they can then present as a unified message en masse
out to the world to grow the movement.

For example, conferences in the above spaces are great,
but usually attended only by those already interested
and somewhat involved, not by total newbies off the street.

How often do people knock on your door selling
or proselytizing something, handing out political
or attendance flyers on the street, etc?

How often is it to find people at such conferences showing
drafting and improving their own outreach flyers, giving practice
sessions on roleplaying conversational solicitation conversion
routines, spending at least 50% of time not just on deconstructing
the State, Banks, Whatever, but on constructing and assembling
replacements into a coherent executable and sellable package.

Have you ever been cold solicited by anyone above on the
street... did they explain ways to handle Roads, Murder,
Theft, Defense, Borders, Health, Mental, Homeless, Disabled...
did they ask you to come learn more? Ever seen a flyer up?

>> "I've heard these guys tell me, you know, I don't care
>> if the guy next to me is from another nationality,”
>> “He has a similar methodology and ideology and I'm
>> glad he's going to share a trench with me.”

If you're not sharing some trenches as such, foregoing some
of the specific pet *-archist *-shitcoin flavor interests together
as having an organizational weakness effect, and instead
coming together under some wider theme and model and then
reaching out to directly gain the random public, then the numbers
of people and funds needed to win battles and wars will not be reached.

Uns can in fact win battles, and the war, in time, likely easily.
But only if they come together, and then reach out.

Revolutions have their spark, change has its decade,
yet to form something truly new, especially without force,
you will likely need massive ideological numbers to fend
off The Tiny Dot that apparently needs very few.

Or at least a $10 Trillion market cap to make a run at
buying or building some truly sovereign land or sea
area that at least 10k-1M people would consider worthy
of calling home.

So how do you live the days to start winning
the war from today onward?

[1] Example, ever since the second cryptocurrency after
Bitcoin-BTC was launched, the space became a disjoint
shill and profit fest for peoples own pet and scam cryptocurrencies.
The overall message of and dedication to the prophecy of
Cryptocurrency itself... failed to be carried forth by those
generations and was drowned out in the noise. There was
no longer anything being consistantly marketed, any overall
message, that everyone new could buy into and adopt at heart.
Less heard now is strength of distributed freedom, more the
weakness of profit and centralization. The OG prophecy needs
to be brought back by all to the forefront, adopted as the
primary message and practice.