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Author: grarpamp
To: unsystem
Subject: [unSYSTEM] Crypto Secession, Strife, Change: One's Terrist, Another's Principled Freedom Fighter

"I've heard these guys tell me, you know, I don't care
if the guy next to me is from another nationality,”
“He has a similar methodology and ideology and I'm
glad he's going to share a trench with me.”

"Some European countries, like the Netherlands,
have expressed hope that the same laws they
put in place to track and crack down on [freedom
lovers going to join freedom groups in wherever] will
allow them to do the same with [freedom] fighters."



Consider the similarities, the news media / politician mentions...
Observe historical parallels in and applied to models,
actions, reactions, labels definitions thrown against,
vilification rooting out of even the most passive of
Voluntary actions to live freely associate, create and
choose, etc.

Shall it not [or not be intended to be] extended to...

CryptoLibertarians to be droned out of their terror caves
for speaking freely and living their V-NAP lives and
communities together.

Uns share trenches.
Share trenches, uns.