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Author: Rick Moen
To: devuan-dev
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] notice of spam incident
Quoting Jaromil (jaromil@???):

> I am afraid our future problem (not just for Dyne nor DEvuan, but in
> general for netiquette gentlemen and gentlewomen who have populated
> the internet and tried to agree on a defense strategy) the problem is
> AI as deployed by "proofpoint" a Californian startup which is very


> aggressively ignoring any contact with other blocklist federated
> alliances, while selling SLAs to various institutions and companies.

Please don't blame me too much. I was only born here. ;->

It's not too bad a place, though, on balance. And, after all, 'La
famiglia è la patria del cuore.'

Cheers,              "I am a member of a civilization (IAAMOAC).  Step back
Rick Moen            from anger.  Study how awful our ancestors had it, yet
rick@???  they struggled to get you here.  Repay them by appreciating
McQ! (4x80)          the civilization you inherited."           -- David Brin