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Author: David F.
To: devuan-dev
Subject: [devuan-dev] udev help

I have a small busybox based disto that I wanted to update udev on.
Typically update via debian, but since jessie they moved to systemd
which I'm not using. I tried eudev directly but couldn't get it to
build devices in /dev (doesn't come with many rules, so I thought that
must be it). I found out about devuan and decided this is what I
would probably have to use going forward and just made a sizable

My issue is I still can't get this udev to create the /dev/sdX or
/sys/class/block entries, there are many others not created as well,
my main this is getting things like /dev/sda to show (I would guess
the other items will too).

I basically copied over the items from /etc/udev, /lib/udev, the
udevadm, udevd-systemd (renamed to just udevd) placed them in /sbin,
and finally the scripts from /etc/init.d. The udev (in to my
/etc/rc.d directory) and udevfinish. Modifed my the /etc/rc.d/udev to
skip the "ps" test since busybox doesn't have those options. It seems
to run okay, but only puts in some items.

Is there something I am missing here? Do I need new kernel config
options for the updated udev? The only block device that shows up is
/dev/fd and /dev/fd0. If I don't run udev at startup,
/sys/class/block shows fd0. That is the same as the prior version,
the difference is the old debian version that uses create_static_nodes
binary will create all the additional sda, sr0, etc.. items, this
version adds somethings, but not most things. Everything shows in
lspci and the /sys is full of the pci device information.

Any ideas on what I'm missing? How is something like this tested?
Basically it's like migrating from the old udev from debian wheezy
(686) to the new udev in devaun-jessie (686)? I thought it would be
straight forward, but I was wrong! Maybe the maintainer of udev
support would know this stuff off the top of their head?