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Author: Evilham
To: devuan-mirrors
Subject: [devuan-mirrors] Devuan Package Mirrors -- weekly update (manual!)
Dear Mirror Admins,

once again a manual update (nearly forgot about this) for week 38 of 2019.

The deb.devuan.org Round Robin is now IPv6-compatible, turns out many of those providing a Round Robin also had IPv6 support, which is a great thing \o/.

There were a couple misconfigs that have been mostly solved now and overall it's exploitation phase for fun statistics and .

A couple mirrors had a rough time and will be re-added to the Round Robin in the next couple days when stability increases.

Some downtime statistics for the past 6 days, left column is percentage of downtime, right column is an IPv4 or a hostname for an IPv6 check.
(6 days because that's the period for which data is reliable :-p)

# Round Robin mirrors

DT-6d host/IP
2.48    ipv6 devuan.bio.lmu.de
2.45    ipv4 devuan.bio.lmu.de
2.25    ipv6 mirror.ungleich.ch/mirror/packages/devuan/
1.92    ipv4 mirror.ungleich.ch/mirror/packages/devuan/
0.37    ipv6 espejito.fder.edu.uy/devuan/
0.28    ipv4 espejito.fder.edu.uy/devuan/
0.19    ipv6 devuan.c3sl.ufpr.br
0.16    ipv4 devuan.c3sl.ufpr.br
0.12    ipv4 mirror.vpgrp.io/devuan
0.09    ipv6 mirror.checkdomain.de/devuan
0.09    ipv4 mirror.checkdomain.de/devuan
0.07    ipv6 dist-mirror.fem.tu-ilmenau.de/devuan
0.07    ipv4 dist-mirror.fem.tu-ilmenau.de/devuan
0.02    ipv4 mirror.stinpriza.org/devuan/
0.02    ipv4 mirror.devuan.de
0.02    ipv6 ftp.fau.de/devuan
0.00    ipv6 sledjhamr.org/devuan
0.00    ipv4 sledjhamr.org/devuan
0.00    ipv4 pkgmaster.devuan.org
0.00    ipv6 mirror.stinpriza.org/devuan/
0.00    ipv6 mirrors.dotsrc.org/devuan
0.00    ipv4 mirrors.dotsrc.org/devuan
0.00    ipv4 mirror.koddos.net/devuan/
0.00    ipv4 ftp.fau.de/devuan
0.00    ipv6 devuan.packet-gain.de
0.00    ipv4 devuan.packet-gain.de
0.00    ipv4 devuan.mine.nu
0.00    ipv4 devuan.m10k.jp
0.00    ipv6 devuan.ipacct.com/devuan
0.00    ipv4 devuan.ipacct.com/devuan
0.00    ipv4 devuan.dcc.uchile.cl

# Other package mirrors

DT-6d host/IP
2.51    ipv4
2.50    ipv6 devuan.bio.lmu.de
2.18    ipv6 mirror.ungleich.ch
1.57    ipv4
0.16    ipv4
0.12    ipv4
0.08    ipv6 mirror.checkdomain.de
0.08    ipv4
0.01    ipv6 mirror.stinpriza.org
0.01    ipv6 sledjhamr.org
0.01    ipv4
0.00    ipv6 sagres.c3sl.ufpr.br
0.00    ipv6 mirrors.dotsrc.org
0.00    ipv6 mirror.koddos.net
0.00    ipv6 megumin.packet-gain.de
0.00    ipv6 ftp.rrze.uni-erlangen.de
0.00    ipv4
0.00    ipv4
0.00    ipv4
0.00    ipv4
0.00    ipv4
0.00    ipv4

Thank you again for your support,
- --