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Author: Evilham
To: devuan-mirrors
Subject: [devuan-mirrors] Devuan Package Mirrors -- weekly update (manual!)
Dear Mirror Admins,

some of you probably noticed that onefang and I have been testing some things regarding the mirror infrastructure.

This week instead of an automated email with awkward looking data, we are sending you this small update for the 37th week of 2019:

- - There are 12 hosts in the Round Robin and 19 package mirrors publicly listed.
- - As of this writing, everything looks alright.
- - Mirrors that redirect HTTP to HTTPS are only listed as supporting HTTPS (that's fine!).
- - A mirror in the Round Robin had an issue synchronising, it was promptly solved (thank you!)
- - We welcomed espejito (in Uruguay) to the Round Robin.
- - We are querying all mirrors often to check for uptime and, to a lesser extent, validity.
- - This information is being saved so we can have statistics and can identify recurrent issues or be more confident about adding new mirrors to the Round Robin.
- - In the time we have been collecting this information, we only noticed two 2 mins hiccups in:
- devuan.bio.lmu.de
- espejito.fder.edu.uy
- - ATM extensive validity checks are being run against the Round Robin a few times a day, but the data is not being stored.
- - We added a super simplistic interface for these checks that will hopefully be useful for anyone interested in Devuan: https://status.dev1.cloud/

Thank you again for your support,
- --