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Author: Boian Bonev
To: irrwahn35
CC: devuan-mirrors
Subject: Re: [devuan-mirrors] Devuan Package Mirrors -- weekly update
Dear All,

Same as described below happened with devuan.ipacct.com - we have added
https support shortly after going live and have had the impression that no
action is needed because mirror-checker reported the https as OK...

About the mirror checker effort, I highly appreciate this and consider it
an essential part of the mirrors infrastructure.

With best regards,

On Fri, Sep 6, 2019, 8:35 PM Irrwahn <irrwahn@???> wrote:

> onefang wrote on 06.09.19 19:05:
> Hi onefang,
> thank you very much for your efforts to improve the mirror check system!
> [...]
> >> devuan.packet-gain.de....
> >>       http: [OK] https: [OK] DNS-RR: [OK] Updated: [SKIP] Integrity:
> >> [OK]

> >
> > The official mirror list says this mirror doesn't support HTTPS, so I
> > don't test that. It does pass the other tests.
> [...]
> As one of the operators of above mirror and contact person I suggest to
> please update the official mirror list and add the test to your script.
> While it's true our mirror did not support HTTPS back when we published
> the information, we added support quite a while ago and intend to keep
> it that way. (Works only when reached under its FQDN, not as part of
> the DNS-RR, for obvious reasons.)
> As I was under the impression that a passed test result in the weekly
> mirror mail would suffice I never bothered to "officially" announce the
> HTTPS support when added. My apologies, if that caused any inconvenience!
> FWIW, I suspect there are more cases like this.
> Thanks again for your work, best regards
> Urban
> --
> Sapere aude!
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