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Author: Irrwahn
To: devuan-mirrors
Subject: Re: [devuan-mirrors] Devuan Package Mirrors -- weekly update
onefang wrote on 06.09.19 19:05:

Hi onefang,

thank you very much for your efforts to improve the mirror check system!

>> devuan.packet-gain.de....
>>       http: [OK] https: [OK] DNS-RR: [OK] Updated: [SKIP] Integrity:
>> [OK]

> The official mirror list says this mirror doesn't support HTTPS, so I
> don't test that. It does pass the other tests.


As one of the operators of above mirror and contact person I suggest to
please update the official mirror list and add the test to your script.
While it's true our mirror did not support HTTPS back when we published
the information, we added support quite a while ago and intend to keep
it that way. (Works only when reached under its FQDN, not as part of
the DNS-RR, for obvious reasons.)

As I was under the impression that a passed test result in the weekly
mirror mail would suffice I never bothered to "officially" announce the
HTTPS support when added. My apologies, if that caused any inconvenience!

FWIW, I suspect there are more cases like this.

Thanks again for your work, best regards


Sapere aude!