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Author: Ivan J.
To: devuan-dev
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Task: 2019-06-05 (parazyd) amprolla needs to be updated to support multiple repositories with the same path
On Sun, Jun 09, 2019 at 12:26:47AM +0200, Ivan J. wrote:
> > - 2019-06-05 (parazyd) amprolla needs to be updated to support multiple repositories
> >   with the same path, i.e. archive.debian.org/dists deb.debian.org/dists
> >    - 2019-06-09 (parazyd will pick this up in a week since he's travelling)
> >       - currently, if repositores like this are enabled, it would result in files being overwritten
> >     - is this the same issue we have for -security?

> Hi guys. I'm picking this up and have already pushed what I think
> already is working code at Gitlab[0].
> This next week I will be travelling so I can't attend more, but once I'm
> back I will deploy this on the amprolla testbed and announce it here so
> people can test it out and see if everything is fine and there are no
> glitches.
> Someone asked:
> > is this the same issue we have for -security?
> No, this is something else. Since jessie was moved to archive.debian.org
> in Debian, we have to add a new repository to merge in Amprolla. Since
> this repository's structure is exactly the same like deb.debian.org:
> once downloaded, it would overwrite the other files. This patchset
> changes the spooldir structure to go one directory deeper, and separate
> them by their domain name/IP address.
> This way we avoid files being overwritten, add more robustness, and
> allow multiple repositories with the same directory structure to be
> merged.
> Another improvement that I implemented is that now we explicitly choose
> which suites to take from which repository using a list.
> Disclaimer: I am just reporting my progress and not asking for reviews.
> Thanks. That time will come.
> [0] https://git.devuan.org/devuan-infrastructure/amprolla3/commits/debianarchive-update

Hi :)

Just to update, I'll deploy a testbed instance soon. I just have to do
some small fixups to the incremental update mechanism.

I might probably have to refactor some path generation.