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Author: golinux
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Task: 2019-06-05 (rrq) pkgmaster master needed to fix release links
On 2019-06-06 02:33, Jaromil wrote:
> On Wed, 05 Jun 2019, Rick Moen wrote:
>> There's a tendency for many organisations to be crisis-driven, which
>> usually means small problems weren't timely addressed and became big
>> ones.
>> I leave any specific application of that insight to Linux
>> distributions to those who are insiders, which I am not.
> the difference here is that Devuan is not an organisation, a company,
> a corporation or an IT management dept; but a community driven
> GNU+Linux distribution where we are all unpaid volunteers devolving
> free time in exchange of quality (both on the technical level and the
> human interaction).
> From the lesson Katolaz thought us I learned that the good spirit of
> volunteers is definitely more important than the distro, that noone
> should be pushed or held accountable or stressed about problems about
> Devuan: because our distro will simply not work well and be in need of
> someone to find time or someone new to step in on his/her own will.
> This is why Devuan comes without any warranty, nor explicit or
> implied. If we'd have more resources as a community (in terms of
> donations, but also time of people perhaps partly covered by
> companies) we would certainly change that, but all things standing now
> we all have other commitments and if "it works for me" then I have no
> urge to fix, I'd rather make sure everyone is in good health and
> enjoys doing what we are doing, even if the repos are down for two
> months.
> This is now my attitude. If anyone needs more then please contact us
> at devuan.pro and someone will provide you professional support and
> 99% availability at a fair price. Also please mind that I'm saying
> this while investing a *lot* of resources (in money and time) of the
> organisation I'm leading (Dyne.org) on Devuan GNU+Linux and on top of
> that we also need to maintain priority and peace of mind among
> co-workers of our organisation.
> I now really hope people have a clear picture of the situation on my
> side of the pond when they interact with us at Dyne.org about problems
> in Devuan.
> ciao

Thank you for the clarification. Even though this has been stated
before, each repetition brings greater understanding of what Devuan is
and is not. This resource will certainly make life much easier for those
of us interacting with the community.