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Author: Dimitris
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Php 7.03 on ascii
On 6/5/19 5:53 PM, hal wrote:
> ,
> I happened to glance over at the supported PHP matrix[1] on php.net yesterday and noticed 7.0x is EOL. This is the version bundled with Ascii. Do the debian backports cover securiy updates to PHP 7.0x until the distro itself is EOL or should I have upgraded PHP already?

devuan ascii (as debian stretch) still gets php7.0 updates at times, so
still "no worries"*.. latest update was on march, after php official eol..

several web apps already complain for php7.0, so if you care to update
before next stable release, there are external repos for ascii/stretch
to update to newer php7.1, php7.2 or php7.3 (default for beowulf).
or you could dist-upgrade to beowulf sooner. my personal experience with
beowulf and apache2/php7.3 is really smooth so far.


my 2c.