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Author: Olaf Meeuwissen
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Task: 2019-06-05 (rrq) pkgmaster master needed to fix release links

Ivan J. writes:

>> - 2019-06-05 (rrq) pkgmaster master needed to fix release links
>>    - the concept distribution links got resurrected in the wrong place
>>    - (noone seems to know why they got lost)

> Fixed. There is a script in contrib/populate_aliases.sh that deals with
> these. It seems there was a glitch that has happened, due to jessie in
> Debian being demoted to obsoleteness.
> I've attended the symlinks and it should be propagated to our mirrors in
> due time.
> Can anyone confirm that this is correct? https://pkgmaster.devuan.org/merged/dists/

My monthly Devuan Docker image builds bombed on 2019-06-03 for ceres.
The ascii and beowulf builds completed fine.

A retry for ceres on 2019-06-04 bombed in the same way.
A retry for ceres on 2019-06-05 completed successfully.

Ceres looks good to me.

Thanks a big bunch!
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