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Author: Blair, Charles E III
To: dng@lists.dyne.org
Subject: Re: [DNG] Install failure: cannot boot netinst
I am sorry, I have both mis-stated the
problem I am having and misunderstood some
of the suggestions.

I have burnt the netinst file for "ASCII" to a CD
and attempted to boot it on a recently purchased
Intel NUC (I disabled "Secure Boot" to get past one
warning). The result is a screen that is blank
except for a (non-blinking) cursor in the upper
left corner. Either the installer does not get
started or the monitor is unable to process the
installer output. The CD reader, at least for
a few minutes, makes noises suggesting it is trying
to read the CD.

I tried to follow some suggestions from Intel:


I was able to get as far as the "Performance"
and "Graphics" sections of the bios menu (their
first suggestion), but could not see anything to
disable "InteliGD" --- there was only something
to change "Dynamic Frequency Setting."

Their last suggestion, involving a "phantom
display" seemed promising, but I was unable to
find (from windows 10) anything to adjust this.

Thanks for any further ideas!