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Author: psy
To: System undo crew
Subject: [unSYSTEM] What happens with Capitalism? (I)
[org: 18/05/2019] [rev: 19/05/2019] by psy [03c8.net]

..."Being very brief, without exposing pragmatic ideas, plans, actions,
etc... and trying not to go too deeply into extensive debates, or that
have already been exposed by others and in various ways... but rather,
contributing to basic fundamental concepts and explaining the
differences in some common errors"...

So, What happens with Capitalism?... With Capitalism happens that: "if
something is gratis and it is not libre, you are the product!". Also
happens that: "there are only two possible role-players in this game,
"slave" and "master", and another has already chosen before you"... From
my point of view, there is an important argument when we talk about
Capitalism that we shouldn't easily discard and is that: "to abolish
Capitalism is not the end". Almost, if we try to think about it, from
the anarchist perspective and without falling into some common
confussion, which is generally related with having only access to the
theory and the lack of practice. We can use as an example, a practical
situation in which since in a moment, you can see yourselves sitting
talking with a (neo)Liberal/Capitalist, who openly supports financial or
mercantilist capitalism and be finally really confused, even putting
into risk important pilars of your own ideology, mostly when you realize
that several practices are very similar. Like for example, the idea of a
"free market". Moreover, both ideologies have in common that they do not
want the figure of a centralized government. And this is where the
debate is usually stopped and some people have their heads exploded,
normally falling into the fallacy of thinking that: "opposing ideologies
are finally equal". I think that nobody clearly says, almost from the
anarchist perspective that, although we have apparently similar economic
purposes and we can share some theories/practices with other ideologies,
including some seemingly antagonistic, what differentiates us
fundamentaly is, the future plan that follows to achieve it. And of
course, the methods used to achieve it. In fact, the Liberalism theory
generally wants to remove the state so that it stops regulating minimum
wages, controlling inflation, etc... which are rules more social or that
try to protect more to the workers. Anarchists should take care about
"only" wanting to remove the state, if the economic system used after
that has not changed also. Because then, the level of slavery generated
by a purely technocratic system can be infinitely worst... There are
people who do not differentiate a Liberal from an Anarcho-capitalist,
however there are many differences. For example, although
Anarcho-capitalists are also governed by the law of supply and demand,
in theory, they are willing to put in place mechanisms to avoid the
concentration of wealth, since this generates hierarchies. It is rare,
therefore, to see Anarcho-capitalists organizing themselves with the
rigid structures "from top to bottom", with which the capitalists are
usually organized. On the other hand, there are also from the schools of
Anarchy, the Anarcho-collectivists, who use another form of Capitalism
for their economic system, but in its more social version. Such as ones
that tries to share barter or surplus between the community, trying to
provide similar development opportunities for each human being. These
groups are those that generally promote a Universal Basic Income for
each human being, in the case of the almost complete machining of the
industry. Of course, they are in favor of executing interventionist
policies, as opposed to free-market ideas. Therefore, they are
practically opposed to Anarcho-capitalists, since they will try to
impose as few control measures as possible on the flow of people, goods
and services, except when strictly necessary to avoid situations of
oligopoly or monopoly... In conclusion: "I think that next to modern
Capitalism will be -The Gamificated Global Society of Roles & Rules-
which will probably be implemented using as an excuse a more "Eco-" or
more "Green-" method, for capitalism. But even, it will become much
darker for the worker and many freedoms will be lost. As with the
overpopulation of the earth. Another new system of slavery for the mind
and body of each individual, in which the sustenance will look
collective, but the struggle for survival will remain individual, as
ever. So again, everything will change but to remain the same"...