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Author: psy
To: System undo crew
Subject: [unSYSTEM] What happens with the work?
[05/05/2019] by psy [source: https://03c8.net]

Work is part of life, an important experience for individuals and a
possible efficient path for a hypothetical collective evolutionary
survival plan, but it does not free/develop a human-sapiens, fully. At
least, the work as it is understood today and the way it has evolved, as
if it has evolved so far. It simply maintains and provides uncomfortable
states for the body, the mind and our common sense. Because work
involves to all of us. Work provides some bad habits that conditioning
the entire existence. And then life becomes rougher. Sometimes, if there
is a criterion in the investment of resources, your life may improve in
some ways, even in a personal development way, but, if you will still
have given your time to the project of others, which may not be useful
for your will if it haven't any sense has no sense for yourself/oneself
or if it is not related with another larger collective plan. Or even, if
these projects go against yourself and yours. We live in the age of
connected emotions. Including empathy. Time is the only thing that
should matter to a person before money. "Worker, citizen... is time to
fight for your time". Something that can be translated as an objective
and a meaning of life. With the responsibility that it has for those who
deliver it, the fact of only having one. The work is something very
serious.. And this may be interesting, this would be an ideal situation,
I may belonging to the group is a fundamental feature of the human
being. However, the cohesion of that group is based on something as weak
as current employment system and all the bureaucracy that hides the
conditions, rights and obligations of every worker. You lose an energy,
an impulse, that starts from the inside and that the hackers know well
what I mean, that makes us advance in a somewhat special way and in many
occasions, with an intellectual development in accordance with the data
and projects in the that we are usually involved. Companies strive to
reach these situations, promoting tasks and group situations and seeking
optimal harmony between people, through their human resources offices.
And it is usually when governments participate with their dark projects,
that everything becomes a nightmare for the humble worker. It is
precisely in certain emotional deceptions, where the idea of the joint
project is diluted, perhaps even with an interesting purpose for
Humanity, the rest of species, the planet, etc... Sometimes, with saying
that it is about the human condition, it seems that the problems are
diluted, but it is not so. They make them bigger. Something that does
not abound. But even if this happened, even so, the individual will not
find full self-relation, which satisfies the inner fire that every human
being carries, even from birth: to explore, play, learn and know. The
real human condition... In the chain of the current working system,
several of these emotional and philosophical links are lost. And these
are fundamental for the happiness of the individual. So, only the
perpetual agony remains with the thought that there is no other way to
escape than working. This thought, is a clamp for the mind, that comes
to collapse or even to disconnect the matter of their being, being
therefore alienated. And the result is that ordinary people end up
acting like passive workers subjected to perpetual suffering, being
victims and executioners, since they collaborate directly and
indirectly, to maintain a model of collective development that puts into
practice a modern system of slavery. One who has multiple heads and
exploits old selfish background theories and that only provides a
survival plan for a few. Or some even not even that, since they are
content to have a few coins to hug when the ship sinks. There are people
who is feeding the darkest places of the human being and being part of
the problem and not of the solution. I hope they can change their
destiny, soon!. It is a pity what happens with humanity at the beginning
of this century. A large part is doing useless work or that can be
simply replaced. And another, in addition, putting at risk his life and
that of his loved ones. It's terrible!. We walk towards extinction on
earth, while we seek to conquer other worlds, so that it may provide a
few the possibility of escape. It is a selfish plan. Although
evolutionarily fits. As it happens with what was explained above, it
will carry an immense burden of responsibility, where new, forgetfulness
will be the solution and restless minds, who discover it. But we still
go so badly. We have reduced as Humanity, some parameters of poverty and
mortality, drastically. But still, we know that we are capable of doing
better and we still do not do it. A lot of things can change from one
day to the next. That is the direction in which we must work. These are
the processes that should be speed-up. Whether as a hobby,
professionally, etc. If you can earn your daily bread and point to the
right side, you'll see how it changes up to taste. A delight!. But until
then, work less and more slowly for some and start to contribute by
working on the development of the others ways. The change does not have
to be drastic, unless you're a mountain climber or you like extreme
emotions... The boycott may be not deliver your project on time, arrive
late to places, delay money. And of course, do not accept unacceptable
contracts. Always keeps the dignity. Even, use it as a tool. Claim your
individuality, through the collective and protect both of them.
Sometimes, before to go to a collective demonstration, it is necessary
to make 2 or 3 individual demonstrations at home. Connect the places of
work, of struggle, of ideas... There is work to spare. It is a matter of
changing the prism in which main goal: perpetual profit is focused. You
see it?. And if the bread does not arrive, we will see where it is stuck
and unclog it, quickly!. The work is not the end. But neither the means.
May work be that which we abolish. What the machines knew how to do.
That human beings knew how to govern. The greatest achievement of
Humanity, past the ancient era. A new era really begins, when the next
day you do not have to work and you can have, assured, a personal and
collective growth space, well managed and safe. But there is no magical
life. These words do not work. And it may even be a utopia to even think
about it. But, I believe that the basic idea on the question of work,
would be to answer the question: Do we work in the right direction,
towards the just and correct end?. Do I do something, on an individual
level, in the same direction?. While it is true is that the work may not
reveal the meaning of life, nor save us at the last minute through the
clemency of some God. It may serve as a focusable tool, collectively and
individually, towards wiser objectives, being in operation as it is.
Maybe we do not have to unmake everything, but
redirect/reproject/reinvent it and, therefore, this will save us
preciously, work. I mean, to exploit it on a most efficient way for a
more inclusive collective survival plan. In any case, in a pragmatic way
and although it sounds paradoxical, in the epoch in which we live, it's
time to work. But being the priority you and the people you love. And if
you are not for yourself, or you can fall easily on egoistic or
narcissistic conditions, or even you do not have people to love, which
is a really sad situation and I am so sorry, at least do it for this
precious planet that has allowed us to know each other. And if you're
crazy do it even for me, but please, do not try to give me more work
than I already have because a good example for a path when talking about
the work is working, but also saving work to others. Cheer up!...