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Author: m3shrom
To: brico
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Subject: Re: [Bricolabs] Where we at? and info on BarnCamp (uk)
Hi there,

I don't do a lot of this kind of thing any more but still do
flossmanuals.net (still open for free doc hosting) and I'll be going to
this event coming up in the UK, see below.

Also I've done this project recently which I've nearly finished a book
about, which is pretty brico in spirit, aimed mostly at 7-12 year olds
and families making JS games together.

I'm in Todmorden in UK, which is worth a visit if you've never been and
you're in the north. Lot's of creative types and oddballs and a massive
retired mafia of old radicals doing community projects.

nice one, Mick


Barncamp is a tech-focused skill-sharing event where over the course of
a weekend, people converge to share ideas, projects and skills around
digital citizenship and activism.

It will take place this summer in a stunning location overlooking the
Wye Valley in South Wales, from the 21st to the 23rd of June 2019.

Tickets are £40, payable in advance via this website

As well as a diverse range of talks and workshops, which in the past
have ranged from digital forensics to foraging, a ticket includes a
camping pitch, delicious vegetarian food and bargainous bar.

It's a DIY event, and magic ingredient is you - your ideas and
aspirations for an empowered digital citizenship, through talks,
workshops and music.

So when you sign up please let us know what you would like to offer to
the event - be it leading a workshop, helping to set up & tat down, or
simply helping out at the bar or the welcome desk. We are all crew.

Children are welcome, especially those old enough to participate, but in
the past there has not been much focus on children's activities, and
child care has not usually been provided. Offers are always welcome of

Any questions, email barncamp2019@???


The Barncamp Collective