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Author: psy
To: System undo crew
Subject: [unSYSTEM] Manifesto: A contact window
[30/05/2019] by psy

When some things start, others just finish. Change is the only constant.
Almost in this galaxy. And a tradition, can be a stick in the wheel of
change. I feel myself anti-capitalist, anti-consumerist, anti-clasista,
ecologist and even anarchist. And quite contrary to everything Anti-. I
am aware of the language barriers and for that I need labels to put,
hundreds, to give a more accurate perspective, not only about me but
also about you and about all. We live in the society of labels that seek
to have everything under control, because we are afraid of not knowing
things. I know what the game is about. I've been watching it long time.
I am a hacker. {Wake up!}. So it may not even be anything like that.
Life is a mirror of confusion. And we must deal with some apparently
perpetual contradictions. But just do not look at yourself. Or into
others. Or even on me, which is the person I better know. The thing is
try to not look too much. You have to know, like when you work with the
silence, when to look and how. Same to speak. Time is the unique value
on this game. No narcissism. Or a bit, but under constact work. As
machismo. As sadness itself. Like every human condition. Life is a race
of resistance. And although the end is tragic, it is worth
participating. Go out and dance when you feel that is a need because
life is also to enjoy. Sometimes I lie to protect myself from threats
that do not exist. Paranoia can be silenced with a mixture of madness.
Sometimes with drugs. But always with courage at the root. No solipism.
From that, by the moment, I am pretty sure. Ideas and beliefs also
change. You aren't alone, almost for me. I always try my best against
the frontiers. The truth always ahead. Like the life. Like love.
{Stop!}. Now to speak and to contribute, it is a duty. Let's save almost
something. Let's walk towards extinction with our heads held high, at
least, saving the planet so that other forms of life can continue.
Self-destruction but from a compassion perspective. And I am in several
of its phases and other more experimental. I let myself be influenced,
as I have also been an influence. And no, I do not say that I agree with
anarchism, but I am an anarchist. And I feel proud, not only of being
one, but of being able to say it openly to the world, with all the
repressive consequences that this may have. From nowadays feminism (also
called from "third wave") I have learned, although it seems a
contradiction, that language is not so important. But the consciousness
that has been generated from it, even if it has been incorrect. Behind
every thought there is an emotion. and so on. That the barrier is not
overcome, putting others. That custom, is the enemy of evolution.
Before, if he was an anarchist of purity, he was in communion, for that
reason: "an anarchist never says he is, but rather a communion". Look at
me world, I am not in communion with anarchism. But I am an anarchist.
The rules are to be put to the test. including those that govern the
ideology. How good it is to read every day a little of everything and
everything about something concrete. If you do it as something everyday,
like someone who pisses in the garden to feel the flat nature, in an
outburst to transgress, even, about something as natural and beneficial
as it is. Including to save water for the rest. Like masturbation or
menstruation. Equality. Responsible vital balance. I wish a man could
shave his beard to another without feeling any blush. The brotherhood of
the warrior. Let the routine be the maintenance, of the body, the mind,
the spirit and the house. Children of Hades. It's time to depart
Concordia in pieces... How to smile, regardless of the pain with which
it is charged, for the benefit of Humanity. Before, I did not think it
was relevant to say where it comes from. That it was a burden, of those
that labeled you to a site, and that gave too much information to
strangers. Now I have it clear. It is important to say it. The context.
I'm here, because of my past. I am the sum of everything I went. I am my
current self and my past self. But also I am my future self. I am all of
them and at same time. I am my friends. And I am my family. And I never
make a distinction between them. I do not use social networks too much,
nor do I have a smartphone. Even, nor do I have a checking account in
any bank. I have nothing with me and everything is close, but buried,
hidden or well guarded. I have some solar panels to provide some energy
to my non-legal place to life, which I call when the sun is on my smile:
"sweet homelab". I am from the Basque Country as a placement reference.
Specifically from Bilbao. Although I also owe my being to all the places
I have gone through, I limit myself to giving a specific and important
piece of information. I am international-list. But I understand that
sometimes is needed to use nationalism as a temporal tactic for some
kind of warfare. I still believe in Humanity... I was born, along with
what is now the cradle of the "bread and circus" of my town, although
converted to geriatric and whose name does justice, perhaps not very
poetic, "Sacred Heart". I was born in the harsh period, with an open
war, lasting, terrible and very very present in the streets, in the
trains, in the looks. Between an oppressed people and a decadent and
rancid empire. Among a group of scoundrels, prisoners of drugs and many
times, no reason, and a people who did not understand certain extremes,
certain peculiarities, histories and other emotional elements of the
equation. And I was born into a traditional working class family. Where
the male goes to look for resources and the female keeps the home and
the pot, hot, sickly ordered and with a customary vision in the
decoration. Even if they don't know how to love each other. Nothing out
of the ordinary, being poor as I still am. I prefer to say that I am
rich in other values. Although this cost me to be poor in real life. I
do not believe that the middle class exists. As I do not think it is
something to say that you are poor, mostly because the privileged
society marker is defined by an imaginary, fiduciary and slave value as
the currency and its international market. Once I believed that I was
middle class, but luckily, I took the reins of my life, starting in
squatting groups, with about 20 years old and while I was studying, the
mind immediately eliminated it. How beautiful the experience, how it
overcomes theory and practice together. It is so, far-sighted, as the
enemy's comfort of reason. Let's go, free yourself, normalize it. Hack
your mind!. There are no drugs, they are just addictions. Decontrol of
the mind-body balance. Balance your being. Make it the routine. There is
the right to self-destruction. Honor, if it is not free, is paid high in
the spheres of honesty. That, whether or not they govern the existence
of a plan, are good forms and Humanity, even though it sounds worn out,
still needs values to rework. In the crisis of values, reuse more than
recycle, combine rather than single out, add more than subtract and
dispose more than snatch. Every offense involves a defense. And if there
is violence, mud and our perversion, double will be the chimera and
their heads, and the tombs to dig, but it will be done, as has always
been done, until a glimpse of perception is observed. It is there, then,
that the sovereignty that gives power, putrefied, surely has those
heights, becomes a slab that anarchists will know how to discard, for
the training that supposes to fight the hierarchies since they are born.
And so it will be, distributed, encrypted in a preventive and federated
way in your organization. Sustainable, or with assumed extinction. The
advancement of the new era. And the devacle of our civilization. At
least, as it is erected. I do not want the world to burn, because I love
life and all the beings that populate the earth, including fossils or
the unfortunate. But I am willing to destroy it in his name. What a
vital paradox. I like to be a human. Thank you schools of anarchy for
this: "No fear, no limits, no control". For that I fight against
control. For that I try to bypass every limit I have. Because I don't
want to feel fear nevermove. One million thanks to all of you. Now I
know that I am not alone...