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Author: psy
To: grarpamp
CC: unsystem
Subject: Re: [unSYSTEM] Solar Gizmos for unExtinctive Rebels

On 4/30/19 10:32 PM, grarpamp wrote:
>> https://solar.lowtechmagazine.com/2018/09/how-to-build-a-lowtech-website/
> Add wifi for meshnet.


> Investigate water pump generator to storage excess

In my case, I tried some experiments with small turbines, of those that
you can buy easily, that allow to be hooked to, for example, the exit of
the shower. It allows you to have a light generated by the kinetics of
the water on the turbine, for while you shower, but little else. I am
thinking how to combine them with more water pressure exits, everyday.
Own cities. Maybe it will work for people whose light is cut off. A
survival kit based on water. Cutting water is more complex for
governments and companies.

> solar energy in roof tank for night vs battery.

I have it over the floor, because in my country was forbidden some
months ago, so I need also secrecy to generate my own energy. Not easy,
but it is ok. Just need 20% to 5% of oscillation at azimut to have
almost 85% of static-secure energy supply, even living on a cloudy
place. Not bad number for solar panel energies. Can be more efficient,
but I am pretty happy by the moment with it.

> Add excercise bicycle for fun life extension.

Hehe... also to maintain a temporal camp, for example, on a square..