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Author: eden@gal3
To: unsystem
Old-Topics: Re: [unSYSTEM] Your Thoughts on Extinction Rebellion?
Subject: [unSYSTEM] ADMIN - Please stop reposting the graphic! - Re: Your Thoughts on Extinction Rebellion?
Hello everyone,

   ADMIN message: Please don't repost the graphics in your reply unless
you are using the graphic to illustrate something new in your reply.

Spencer Rhodes:
> I haven't interacted with any of them, and they've only been on my radar
> for about a month now.

   This message attached a graphic which was ~250KB.  This thread has
been very vigorous, with multiple responses. Unfortunately, everybody
has re-posted the graphic and with so many responses, posts are now over
our limit of 300KB per message!

   Please feel free to keep up the discussion, but there's no reason to
keep reposting the graphic (unless, of course, you refer to the graphic
itself... which, as far as i can tell, nobody has). I think the point of
the graphic has been made.

   I'm going to allow one more message with the message oversized.
Please remove it from any further replies.

   Thank you.