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Author: Alexey Zilber
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Devuan Ascii Cloud Builder and AMI release
Hi All,

I spent a few days ironing out all the bugs. Special thanks to Ralph
Ronnquist for his build Gist. The cloud-init from ascii-proposed would
have been a big "gotcha".

We can all now roll our own releases very very easily. They are "standard"
builds off the Devuan 2 install iso. The packages are built to mimic
Debian installs using the 'admin' user. Standard kernel, and nothing extra
except a pinned cloud-init from ascii-proposed.


Todo would be to integrate Jenkins or CircleCI. Any assistance with that
would be appreciated.

Name: *Devuan 2 (Ascii)* in *us-east-1*
AMI ID: ami-0c5de3b8fdb3cf93a
Owner ID: 456153964094

Have fun folks, and let me know if anything breaks/seems wrong.