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Author: Andrew McGlashan
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Way forward

On 15/4/19 5:07 am, info at smallinnovations dot nl wrote:
> On 14-04-19 21:03, Jim Jackson wrote:
>> I find this somewhat amusing. Have you ever followed the linux
>> kernel email list, and watched the falling out and aggression
>> there has been on there in the past? Linus's (and others)
>> language!! Better not take linux seriously any longer :-)
>> I'm happy to wait and see if the future is uncertain for Devuan -
>> instead of guessing.
>> cheers Jim
> You really think that the numbers working on the linux kernel are
> somehow comparable to the numbers working on Devuan?

Yes, but back to Debian?

You did mention that an email suggesting and proposing the repair of
relationships was childish? I think it is more childish to use that
as a means to exit and it doesn't help. Are there other reasons? Do
you really think that Devuan is not on track to recover from this?

That email to which you reacted so strongly to was clearly a heartfelt
plea to repair the damage that has been done, especially when some of
that damage was not a lot more than differing opinions of the facts
and how things manifested from those mis-understandings and/or
disagreements and perhaps some over reaction; it was all about repair,
regret and mending bridges, however they may or may not have been
damaged. That seems quite adult to me.

If I was to lose faith in Devuan, which I'm now invested in, then I
would consider the following, especially ahead of Debian (unless I
wished to return with systemd).


There are other alternatives, but right now, I am more than happy to
stick with Devuan, so long as it doesn't become RHEL in disguise.

Kind Regards