:: [devuan-dev] ci.devuan.org is down
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Author: Daniel Reurich
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] ci.devuan.org is down

ci.devuan.org - our jenkins server is currently down. This is due to a
reboot failure after a kernel update that I installed.

Due to this being the second time in a few months where nextimes
infrastructure has failed to provide us with reliable service, I think
it's time to move the last 2 key servers - ci.devuan.org, and
packages.devuan.org - our dak instance over to our own servers.

Nextime has been contacted and we are waiting for a response.

With respect to moving the servers - I think it will be easiest if we
get complete OS images that we can drop in our severs and spin up in our
ganeti setup.


Daniel Reurich
Centurion Computer Technology (2005) Ltd.
021 797 722