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Author: Jaromil
To: dng
Old-Topics: Re: [DNG] Way forward
Subject: [DNG] Planning Devuan.pro (was: Way forward)

dear Nik,

On Fri, 12 Apr 2019, Dr. Nikolaus Klepp wrote:

> How do I apply for the list?

In brief, you can do it here or on the devuan-dev list in public,
detailing your business, its capacity for support and what you intend
to offer for clients related do Devuan- or just contact me in private
with this information, then I'll introduce you to Andrea who is now
dedicated to the enterprise development of Devuan.pro.

All people already involved in the Devuan community and/or development
running businesses that can demonstrate the capacity to provide good
quality of service / support will be included initially and free of
charge. In the future, once we consolidate with a good group, new
applicants will have to pay, which will nurture Devuan's funds and its
capacity to cover for many necessary tasks to its growth.

So far I can count among enterpreneurs interested and well capable:
O'Beardly, CenturionDan, Ungleich (Nico & co) and perhaps something
we'll also setup in EU (we'll come last perhaps, as we are already
busy enough being the stewards of this process).

We are working on refining this process and will soon update the
webpage with informations about it. Yesterday at the wednesday's
Devuan meeting we also had a good discussion and other caretakers are
favorable to this development, which is primarly intended to let the
original community side of Devuan grow without the pressure that led
Katolaz to leave. We in fact all see the possibility to separate and
grow a enterprise edition consortium as a great opportunity for Devuan

Let me also remind that the application to a 200k equity free fund for
"human-centric technologies" is still open and perhaps some of you may
apply to get a good boost to start new ethical businesses


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