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Author: grarpamp
To: unsystem
Subject: Re: [unSYSTEM] Anonymous Message To The Captors Of Julian Assange
>> everyone knows anons were compromised

While elements identifying as Anonymous are
compromised from time to time, the greater Anonymous
is more of thought, a variety, existing and acting everywhere.
Anonymous is not really reducible to or affected by what
happens to a few.

>> news sight talk for them

A news vision for the news media, and a bit of lulz for the days

>> If Anons are still doing things behind the scenes

> You can not compromise the idea of a heteronym. The decentralized
> tactical plan.
> It is an idea that is disguised. Perhaps, the aesthetics of the current
> Anonymous have given in, but their need and the surprise factor, are
> still valid.
> The old Anonymous has died. The new Anonymous has just been born.

Anyone thinking Anonymous is dead is gravely mistaken. The Anonymous
of circa 2008 was but a trial run of ideas, a childs play using the
tools and methods of the day. Over ten years of new births cultured
by old zen masters, of philosophical political and technological
evolution, of distributed cryptosystems and cryptocurrencies, of
hidden comms quietly developing re-disorganization and unplans,
have all since transpired. As such, the next wave of action will
be over 9x as powerful, different yet resonant of that before, and
with lasting real world impacts that should not be underestimated.
The only real question is when, and the answer is to Expect it.

A bit of resonance...