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Author: Daniel Reurich
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Way forward
> Have I missed something? I want Katolaz back.
> Who is CenturionDan? And why does he have that much power?

I am CenturionDan. I don't have any power over Devuan, and am only a
long time volunteer and contributor to this project.

I also like KatolaZ have been contributing to Devuan since it's early
days, and I am also one of the "Caretakers". I am not of late a regular
contributor to the discussion on DNG due to it's poor signal to noise
ratio, and my limited time, so please forgive me if you don't recognise
my handle.

My involvement also began at the early stages of Devuan, and I
contributed significantly to getting Devuan near to Jessie release in
particular with maintaining and extending the infrastructure and build
system. Although I've not been as active since the Jessie release, I've
continued to be involved with both maintenance and infrastructure
support, often working in with KatolaZ and others. I've also continued
to do advocacy for Devuan and been an actively using it for my clients
production systems for a number of years.

This particular sad situation has developed because I had expressed a
deep disappointment to the KatolaZ and the other Caretakers over the
April 1st Joke, specifically because of it's implications for people
that use Devuan in business like I do. I have clients that were
difficult to win over to letting me use Devuan on their servers instead
of Debian. I feared that had they got wind of this joke, it could well
be curtains for both Devuan on their servers, and also my providing of
services to them. This is the reason that KatolaZ uses the term
"Corporate Bullshit".

In the initial communication to my fellow caretakers, I suggested that
KatolaZ and Jaromil might offer to resign as caretakers in order to show
that we take such matters seriously, and that they alone working in
concert pulled the joke of without discussing with the other caretakers.

Since then, I had apologised for the harshness of my critique and
withdrew my suggestion of resignation as I realised this was both naive
and wouldn't produce the desired result. I will admit that some of my
following comments could be viewed as rationalising my position and thus
continued to stoke the fire. This was unintentional, but stupid on my part.

I had not in anyway implied or expressed ever that I wanted KatolaZ to
feel he was on probation or that he should stop contributing to Devuan,
and I have reiterated that view to him and those in the conversation.

KatolaZ has expressed that as a result of my challenge to him, that I
never trusted him, something which I assure you all is false. I
implicitly trusted him and continue to do so despite the joke, but I was
extremely dissappointed in that action he took. We have had other
disagreements that were not issues of trust, but differing opinions,
some of which took time to resolve, and I foolishly assumed that this
would be resolved peacefully in the end also.

KatolaZ was a very significant contributor to Devuan and despite his
feelings towards me, I am extremely grateful for his contributions to
Devuan, our discussions and working through previously difficult issues
and for his willingness to work within the team of contributors. I am
deeply saddened that he has taken this decision.

KatolaZ will be missed very much by me as well and should he change his
mind, I also hope he comes back soon and will welcome him with open
arms. I hope we can smooth this over and focus on Making Devuan Great

I hereby also express my deepest apologies to you, the community of
Devuan users and contributors, for having contributed to this mess and
for words said in private conversations that may in hindsight have been
overly harsh towards KatolaZ and Jaromil and contributed to this mess.

Jaromil, to you I am sorry that you feel the need to declare war against
me (as you have done in your private email to me). I don't think that
is necessary and it certainly won't help Devuan. Instead I urge you to
reconsider and to take stock of your own words and accusations and
consider if they will not only further sow discord and disharmony - a
poison pill for Devuan and our broad community.

For the sake of Devuan I urge you to put the guns down and instead see
if we can find a way to peacefully move forward and instead focus energy
on getting Beowulf out the door. I do not hate you, even though I
disagree with you.

Daniel Reurich
Centurion Computer Technology (2005) Ltd.
021 797 722