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Author: Miles Fidelman
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Report from the first Devuan conference

Any chance of postings presentation slides as well as videos?

Miles Fidelman

On 4/11/19 2:16 PM, Jaromil wrote:
> dear dng'ers
> all those of you who weren't there: you were missed!
> this is a first report about our first conference
> https://www.dyne.org/the-first-devuan-conference
> along with links to the stream for those who have missed it
> in the coming days we'll publish edited (and in some cases remastered)
> videos of the talks, which were all of very high quality in terms of
> contents and worth watching.
> I am already looking forward to the next conference, meanwhile please
> spread the good vibes we all got while sharing our meatspace - but do
> not mistake me here, all meals were vegetarian!
> ciao :^)
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