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Author: Svante Signell
To: Devuan dng ml
Subject: [DNG] [Fwd: Re: [devuan-dev] request of resignation of CenturionDan from caretaking]
Forwarding this mail to DNG too. I think this is relevant to the discussion.

On Thu, 2019-04-11 at 20:47 +0200, Jaromil wrote:
> dear devs
> for having caused the distress of trust within the caretakers group
> beyond our agreed liabilities (see licensing conditions of Devuan) and
> having caused the (hopefully temporary) resignation of one caretaker
> and lead developer (Katolaz), for having missed to fulfill many
> declared tasks in the past year and having polluted our meetings with
> unfulfilling rants of sorts, I kindly ask CenturionDan to consider his
> own resignation from the caretakers, let alone his presence as
> co-founder of Devuan which isn't really historically true. If he does
> not agree then I kindly ask all caretakers to consider a vote where we
> all agree upon a forced expulsion.
> Said that, I just hope Dan has the decency to get the hell out.

Dear Jaromil,

You are really exaggerating this issue, all for no good. I've been present from
the early days of Devuan, and Dan was very much instrumental in creating the
first Devuan release: jessie. I've been contributing since the beginning and
have(had) a build daemon for package builds. Later on Katolaz (and others) came
in and contributed majorly, especially for the ASCII release. The April fool
joke by Katolaz was maybe not the best stunt but let's get on with Devuan, and
don't force him or Dan to resign, please! I don't know about the private emails
sent, but reading the dng list the spammer was not Dan it was Mike Bird, a
person unknown to contributing to Devuan...

The number of contributors to Devuan is very small, and with this kind of
accusations, the number will decrease further, making Devuan extinct. Is that
your goal?

BTW: You yourself has not been especially present in contributing to the Devuan
releases, how come? And nextime disappeared, why?