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Author: Jaromil
To: devuan-dev
Subject: [devuan-dev] request of resignation of CenturionDan from caretaking

dear devs

for having caused the distress of trust within the caretakers group
beyond our agreed liabilities (see licensing conditions of Devuan) and
having caused the (hopefully temporary) resignation of one caretaker
and lead developer (Katolaz), for having missed to fulfill many
declared tasks in the past year and having polluted our meetings with
unfulfilling rants of sorts, I kindly ask CenturionDan to consider his
own resignation from the caretakers, let alone his presence as
co-founder of Devuan which isn't really historically true. If he does
not agree then I kindly ask all caretakers to consider a vote where we
all agree upon a forced expulsion.

Said that, I just hope Dan has the decency to get the hell out.