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Author: viverna
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] epoch init system and script distribution
Hi folks, I like scriptable init system however I tried epoch init system
and I found it very interesting.

It's very simple compile epoch and install but it would be useful to
have package in the repository. It is useful because the main problem
(considering systemd dictatorship in main distribution specially in
Debian) with init system "derEDHatted" is distribution of script/config

Generally speaking if I install a daemon, for example Apache server, I
want script/config file for all init system installed and accordingly I
want script/config file deleted for all init system if I remove a daemon.

How to do?

Forks all daemon packages is impossibile. But ideally if we have a
script/config file for all daemon just before apt & dpkg & friends
terminate installation/remove phase, a script will check which init
system are installed and install/remove script/config file.

For Epoch init system the "import" attribute can be used to split a
single configuration file in a group of config file one for each object.