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Author: lpb+devuan
To: Dng
Subject: [DNG] Upgrade to Beowulf - two issues
I have upgraded two laptops from ascii to beowulf, and have noted only
two issues. Overall, things really look great.

1. apt-get upgrade is telling me it wants to hold libequinox-osgi-java
back. That's not surprising; the candidate version in beowulf is
3.9.1-4, but installing that version will wipe out the rest of my
eclipse 3.8.1-10 installation. There do not seem to be any upgrade
candidates for, e.g., eclipse-platform beyond 3.8.1-10. It seems strange
to only have this one java lib advanced to 3.9, and nothing else.

And yet that's the case at packages.debian.org as well. So I guess I
will just get Eclipse from eclipse.org instead, and wipe the one that
was published/installed from the repos.

2. I am using pulseaudio on these machines because, well, it just works.
However in beowolf I am not seeing the pulseaudio server launched with
my Xsession. I wonder if a file got removed from Xsession.d? In the
meantime, I can launch it by hand, and if I worry more about it, I can
launch it in .xsession.

I'm happy to report no other issues with beowulf, other than the known
problem of /usr/bin/w reporting no login info when using the slim DM.

Thanks, Luigi