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Author: Martin Steigerwald
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] devuan.org is back
Hi KatolaZ.

KatolaZ - 01.04.19, 15:27:
> Again and to clarify once and for all: this was just an April fool. No
> machine was compromised. No content was moved, deleted, or tampered
> with in any way. Noone got access to the Devuan infra. No package or
> mirror was affected.

Thanks for clarifying.

> I apologise if somebody thought the joke stretched a bit too far: I am
> responsible for that. I thought all the clues were clear enough, but
> apparently they were not and some people got too stressed about it. I
> am sincerely sorry about that.

Apology accepted.

Regarding my own take: I just did not take the time to verify any of the
clues. Part of it was, that in my local time it also was not 1st April
and I forgot that there are quite a bunch of other timezones. Only later
I installed a gopher client.

Thing is: Devuan is used in production, so there is some responsibility
coming with that. :)

> Pranks have always been an essential part of the hacker culture, and
> like it or not, Devuan has been brought to all of us by a bunch of
> passionate hackers working long nights, not by a team of serious white
> collars in suit and scarf doing 9-to-5.

I certainly understand and can relate to that. While Microsoft's
marketing directory tried to ban April fools jokes this year, I am
always on the lookout for some.

For me the joke was just a bit too… security sensitive.

> I will definitely make sure I will not make such a mistake again in
> the future.

All is well.

> P.S.: Please, do not let the world outside take away from you the
> pleasure of having a good laugh, at any cost. Stopping to laugh is the
> first step to the grave.

Well, I even have a smile on my face at the moment.

As for implementation of the "joke": You basically fooled me initially.
Well done. Or as gamers say:

Achievement completed.