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Author: KatolaZ
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] about jessie-backports
Dear D1rs,

as part of Jessie being ready to become oldoldstable in Debian, all
the jessie suites apart from "jessie" itself have been moved to
archive.debian.org. As a result, you will notice that jessie-backports
will be empty in Devuan as well.

We are working on a solution to that. The most probable one is to put
in place something like archive.debian.org for devuan, and advise the
users to use that repo for backports instead. Please follow:


for updates. You will notice that also jessie-updates is empty, but it
had been like that since when jessie became oldstable, since at that
point anything that is still in *-updates gets merged into the stable

Thanks for your patience


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