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Author: Basati
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] How can I install dokuwiki? it's not in ascci I think it's in ceres

I am preparing a documentation that I would like to hang in the wiki. To about
three configurations of our image for RaspBerry


Now I have 484 lines in the generic part for the three configurations.

1.- console
2.- xfce desktop
3.-a firewall, router, bind9, dhcp, etc. to replace the router provided by
Internet access providers. Taking directly the signal from the ONT.

This one will cost me time is a part of the Azeri project. , which I'm
involved in.

Azeri is the fox's name. In Euskara/Basque, our language

They're long enough to fit in a galaxy.

But first I want to edit it locally, to put an acceptable version.

So I need to mount dokuwiki locally.

I haven't used dokuwiki for more than 10 years, I have to learn how to use it
again. And I've seen a lot of changes.

I try to install it and it is not in ascii

I installed sid's but I have permissions problems, I don't know if it's by

How can I download a package of ceres dokuwiki? Can you tell me where it is?