:: [DNG] pmount with exfat
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Author: wirelessduck
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] pmount with exfat
Upgraded a test system running Ascii with Xfce4 to Beowulf today.

I noticed that the old system had consolekit and udisks2/gvfs installed and the upgrade for udisks2 in beowulf wanted to install elogind.

In this case I decided to ditch udisks2 and try out pmount, but I’ve noticed that pmount doesn’t like exfat filesystems. I can see the bug report on Debian and Ubuntu for pmount has a patch sitting for years unapplied. Has anyone seen a workaround for this, or will I have to run mount as root manually for exfat formatted USB sticks?

This system is running fine with consolekit2 so I don’t feel like switching to elogind and installing udisks2 again.