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Author: golinux
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] logging uses of machine-id
On 2019-03-14 03:48, Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting KatolaZ (katolaz@???):
>> I just wonder whether your nice solution is enough for a wider
>> audience used to have things popping up around all the time. I guess
>> it's not, as much as setnet is not a solution to manage networks
>> palatable to a wider audience, as much as apt-get is not the tool used
>> by the large majority of users to install packages, and so on.
>> Tinkerers will always be fine. But a distro that aims to be universal
>> like Devuan must also cater for those who are not willing to tinker
>> around, IMHO.
> I'm quoting the above in order to express appreciation for it -- in
> context. Like Steve Litt, I favour the smallest possible entanglement
> with Freedesktop.org 'desktop' components and their characteristic
> tangled dependency trees and difficult-to-justify complications,
> -=but=- the key fact is that Devuan Project has committed to be a
> universal operating system, construed as including DE-style software
> integration.
> I would not have supported that commitment, personally, but nonetheless
> can summon the wisdom to avoid expecting this project to abandon its
> principles just because I don't share some of them. And I thank you
> for
> aptly restating those principles.

When I first started using Debian, there was discussion of what
"universal" meant. Vocal old timers insisted it referred to the variety
of architectures that Debian would run on not different user
preferences. I am not arguing here; just providing some context of the
definition that has stuck in my mind (which may or may not be