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Author: Mark Hindley
To: Ralph Ronnquist
CC: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Request for testing of slim/experimental
On Thu, Mar 07, 2019 at 08:31:33AM +1100, Ralph Ronnquist via Dng wrote:
> So, apparently 'slim' since long ago believes something else is
> responsible for registring the session(s), but that something else
> doesn't agree.

Would people who are experiencing missing slim utmp entries mind trying again
with the following configuration added to /etc/slim.conf, please?

sessionstop_cmd exec /usr/bin/sessreg -d -l $DISPLAY %user
sessionstart_cmd exec /usr/bin/sessreg -a -l $DISPLAY %user

If you don't have the sessreg command it is in the package x11-xserver-utils.