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Author: Ralph Ronnquist
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] simple-netaid-backend debugged.

Alessandro Selli wrote on 8/3/19 9:04 am:
>   I did not write they are useless.  I wrote that they are obsolete and
> deprecated.

Yes. And those terms are badly chosen, because they are neither.

>> They work well without
>> needing constant development; security patches are good.
>   They are limited, they suffer shortcomings, they are not getting new
> code to keep in pace with modern networking evolution.  ifconfig does
> not handle well multiple ip's to the same interface, is limited to
> 32-bit counters when the kernel has long been using 64 bit counters,
> does not support/detect the latest queue disciplines, they are stuck to
> old networking APIs that are ill suited to handle tunneling, VLAN,
> traffic shaping, control and security extensions and many features that
> are key to such things as Software Defined Networking.

Wanting a program to do things is doesn't is plain stupid.

>   They lack support for advanced features that have been present in the
> kernel for many years because nobody bothered to update them.  New
> development all goes into ip and iw.

see above.

>   Now, other than emotional, personal and irrational reasons, what
> technical motives push you to still use those old, obsolete, limited and
> deprecated tools when you've been having available newer ones that are
> much superior and are just as easy to use?

I believe I objected to our choice of words, and not your reasons for
insisting on using those words, or your reasons for wanting these
programs to not be used. Like many people, you are free to use whichever
programs you may want, and you are free to think that your choice of
programs for your purposes is the One And True choice, even when it
isn't. There is no reason for you to go emotional about it.

The fact remains that ifconfig and iwconfig are neither deprecated nor